The Eagle Safari will see us heading out, very early in the morning, to the purpose-built hide deep in the wilderness.  Our main objective is to see and photograph, at close quarters (about 20m), the king of birds; the Golden Eagle.

Duration: approximately 6 hours.

Price: 140 € / person, min 4, max 8 people

Includes: Transportation to and from the Hide.  Use of all the Hide facilities.  Guidance, assistance and explanations of all the birds and animals that we see.

Although we can get quite near to the Hide by car, we have to cover the last 500 metres on foot.

Features: Depending on the weather, the Hide can take a little time to warm up.  For this reason, it is important to wear warm clothes and boots, suitable for being outside in the cold.

Since we may be in the Hide for a long time, you are welcome to take your own food and drink, but please, no alcoholic drinks.

Please note: Although Eagles are frequent visitors to the site; they are, of course, wild animals, so patience may be required and we cannot control their visits.

Out in the wilderness there is every chance that we will see a range of other wild birds and animals including Ravens, Foxes, Hares, Siberian jays, Lapland buntings, Willow tits and a range of other small and larger birds.

The Hide looks out over open landscape to the north.  In the foreground, tree-stumps of different heights provide perches for the birds to settle on.  The background for these is either snowy ancient forest or rugged treeless landscape, depending on viewing angle.

The site is ideal for stunning photography.  Skeletal silver “Kelo” pine treetops are silhouetted against a background of wintry sky and the ever-changing colours in the dense, snow-laden, ancient forest provide a magnificent backdrop for nature photography.

There are a number of facilities for camera mounting and stabilising, including a stand (3.8” thread) for supporting a standard tripod ball head, three video ball heads and several camera support beanbags.

The Hide is also equipped with USB charging facilities, Wi-Fi and has an indoor toilet.

To take good close-up photographs of the wildlife, we recommend using camera lens with a focal-length of at least 200mm.